Summer Reflections


A summer of change.

A summer of adventure.

A summer of Netflix.

A summer of figuring it out.

A summer of laughs.

A summer of tears.

A summer of new people.

A summer of new foods.

A summer of books.

A summer of living.

I said good bye to apartment 29-202 just a few short days ago.  This was the place I spent my summer…when I wasn’t on the road or in Texas.  Moving out to my first place wasn’t under very good circumstances but it was what I needed.  This was the place I could finally call my own and I felt 100% safe, something I really needed as I was finally able to begin grieving.

29-202 saw lots of tears.  I cried the first day when I unpacked my suitcase for the first time in three months into a dresser I could call mine.  I cried the first day when I was so tired and dehydrated and I couldn’t figure out that the washing machine wasn’t working because the water was turned off to the machine.  I cried when I felt so alone at night when I really missed talking to mom. I cried for no reason.  I cried when I showed a friend my favorite movie, which I warned her would make us cry.

29-202 saw lots of laughs.  I laughed the third day of life in my apartment when I realized the water was turned off to the washing machine and all I had to do was flip a nozzle.  I laughed at Missy playing with a new toy.  I laughed my way through four seasons of FRIENDS in twelve days.  I laughed with friends while I cooked. I laughed on the phone with my brother.  I laughed at the neighbors playing Pokemon Go when they almost stepped in front of a car.  I laughed for no reason.  I laughed when I tried putting a desk together by  myself after I had wine.  I laughed the next morning when I realized I had put the wrong pieces of the desk together.  I laughed two days later when I called friends in to help put the desk together and tipsy Jess had actually been right and we had to reassemble the whole desk.

My time in 29-202 was short, but it will never be forgotten.

Here’s to the next season, a season of many things I’ll soon be discovering.

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I'm a twenty something learning to navigate the world.

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