My New Year Wish

For you my friend, this is what I wish for this New Year.

I wish that you find value in yourself.  There is nothing in the world that you can control except yourself.  You are worth something tenfold what you believe in this moment.  You are on this earth for a reason and that reason is to be you, stay true to who you are and remember you have a purpose.

I wish that you think of the kind of words you use.  Whether they are everyday simple words or large fancy ones I don’t care.  What I care is that you find yourself using your words to uplift, encourage, and support not just your family and friends but strangers.  Most of all, I wish you learn to use those good positive words to yourself.

I wish you understand that this year as any year that has come and gone will come with difficulties.  Typically, these difficulties don’t appear with a forewarning like a nice e-mail telling you your world will turn upside down.  Take these things in stride, things will lift up eventually and though that’s hard to understand during the thick of a shit storm know that it is true.  You are strong and can weather these storms, I believe in you.

I wish that you reach out more to those you love.  Give your sister an extra hug before you leave.  Call your aunt and check in.  Text your best friend a stupid meme.  Tell people that they mean something to you, even if you already tell them, tell them again.  Life is short and the unpredictable happens.

I wish that you slow down and enjoy something simple.  There are always a million and one things to do on any given day but slow down a little this is the only life you’re given so why don’t you enjoy it a little?

Most of all, I wish this New Year brings you and your family good health, positivity, and laughter.


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I'm a twenty something learning to navigate the world.

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