Those Damn Chipmunks

The first time I had a happy memory pop up that involved my dad I was sitting with a friend at a local bar after I finished closing one night.  It was 11:45PM, I had a fresh Miller Lite draw in front of me and my friend and I were busy talking, catching up after weeks of life since our last visit.

Alvin and the Chipmunks came on the TouchTunes machine.

Alvin and the freaking Chipmunks, Christmas edition ya’ll.

I started laughing my ass off, and then started crying. At this point I hadn’t really had anything that triggered anything in passing with my dad.  It caught me off guard, but I was happy the guy at the end of the bar thought it was funny to play Alvin and the Chipmunks that night to annoy the bartender.

I went back to Christmas one year when momma had brought home a homemade copy of Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas cd from one of her coworkers.  I’m talking about early 2000’s when cds were the normal thing.  For those kids out there who may come across this at some point or another, this was before digital downloads were a thing.

Every time Alvin and the Chipmunks was on tv, dad picked it over his favorites like Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, or Shawshank Redemption, all of which mom, my brother, and I could recite close to perfection.  He would then launch into some story about when he was a kid and how his dad, my grandad, loved the story too.

I thought for a while that I might be broken.  Though my dad and I never had a great relationship, I thought that something was wrong with me for not being able to remember one happy and raw moment out of the blue.

Since that night drinking beer at the bar, I don’t put pressure on myself trying to remember anything; I welcome the random moments that pop up in my every day life.  Even if it is Alvin and the freaking Chipmunks.

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