15 Things About Me


  1. The first time I ever held a baby was in July 2016. Almost a year later I love kids and babies and I’m even a nanny.
  2. Before I go on any planned trip I have to do all my laundry before I pack.  I love getting home from being on the road and having clean clothes ready for the next day.
  3. I had a hip replacement done at age seventeen.  Long story on how I got to that point, but all that is really needed to know is my quality of life has improved tenfold since that surgery in 2011 and I have a freaking awesome supportive surgeon.
  4. The dent in on the front of our old green riding mower was from me accidentally crashing it into a telephone pole at the edge of our property years ago.  No one was injured, and yes my momma knew about it.  That damn pole just jumped out there in my way!
  5. I can not French braid hair.
  6. My brother was the one who taught me how to shoot a gun.
  7. My brother was also the one who taught me how to use the mailbox as a pellet gun target for practice on our front porch, which I caught 98% of the trouble on with mom.
  8. Sometimes I burn and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I wear sunscreen, sometimes I don’t.  There is no rhyme or reason.  Sometimes I burn when wearing sunscreen.  Sometimes I don’t burn when I don’t wear sunscreen.  None of it makes sense to me.
  9. The only time I straighten my hair is when I get my haircut.  And really it’s only because I secretly like to torture my hair stylist, Jessie, and forcing her to do the almost impossible.
  10. My love of Professional Bull Riding stems from my momma.
  11. I have a great fear of bodies of water and boats.
  12. The first time I had a frozen margarita was in Galveston on the beach after spending all morning on a boat fishing and then all afternoon playing in the waves at the beach.  I deserved that margarita.
  13. I’ve read the Harry Potter series multiple times, and I had at one point read all seven of the books out loud to my mom.
  14. My boots are my only pair of dress shoes.
  15. I primarily wear my Fitbit to track my sleeping patterns.

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