Trash Day

One day a week.  That’s all it is.  One day a week and I take the trash carts to the road to be picked up.  Why is this such a difficult task to remember?

I forget things more often now.

Getting the mail.

Turning the lights off at night.

Trash day.

Remembering to put socks on.

What day is it?

I have so much stuff going through my head about things I used to never have to worry about that the smaller things kind of slip through.  Like trash day.

I’m the type of person that gets wound up about things relatively easy if I continue to think and stew on it.  I will get wrapped up on getting a cleaning project done that trash day doesn’t make an appearance on the radar.  I know I get anxious because I stew on things and I make myself take a minute to stop and shake the worry off.

On top of the million and one things that run through my head throughout the week, I don’t have a great time getting the sleep that I need.  I’ve gotten considerably better the last month or so but for a very long time I was averaging a solid 4 hours of sleep.  Most nights since my mom died I wake up several times in the night, the worst nights I’ll wake up every 30 minutes.  Lack of consistent sleep affected my memory too.

So, I try hard to remember the small things but if I forget socks I laugh it off and move on with life.

If you’re wondering, I managed to remember my socks yesterday.

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