Snake Acquaintances

Let me just start by saying I get freaked out just by thinking about snakes and I’m squirming in my chair as I begin to write this.

Snakes are gross and I do my very best to ignore the fact that I know I have some peacefully roaming in my yard.

It all started a few weeks ago when I went to town, aka: WalMart, and bought some RoundUp at the recommendation of a handful of people when I mentioned I had a lot of work out for the summer with thick overgrown weeds.  I went out on a nice sunny afternoon and began spraying.  Life was going well until I got to the fence line.  I saw the first one, screamed and almost went running for the house.  I was determined to finish spraying though so I continued on.  Then I saw the second one maybe two minutes later and screamed.  I called it quits after the second one that day because I think if I had seen a third one I would have quit working in the yard for the rest of the summer.

I’m 98% sure that the two snakes I saw on the fence were not the same snake.

Just a few days ago I finally got back outside and began mowing the jungle I let my yard turn into.  Again, I came across another snake.  I still screamed and did the heebie jeebie dance but I continued on – there was work to do and I wasn’t about to let anything stop me that day.

I managed to take a photo of a snake I ran over with the mower, it was still alive and squirming.  I think I only squished it with the wheels as my mowing deck was not low enough to actually kill it – what a shame.  I took this photo from the safety of being seated atop the mower and took it to my trusted sources in town who told me the snakes I’ve seen are good for getting mice and rats.

I suppose they can live as long as I don’t find any near the house.  All bets are off then.

Why am I sharing about my snakes when I don’t even like them? Well, because I’ve learned there’s a lesson here.

I’m single and I live alone.  I call my trusted sources and ask questions when my gut says “hey girl, don’t try fixing this by yourself call someone or at least hit youtube”.  I will ask if I really need help with something but at the end of the day I strive to be self sufficient.  I mean, Draco lives here but he’s a damn freeloader and won’t help me fix the door to the basement.

Spiders, mice, and snakes.  The three things that always prompt a “why can’t someone else be here?” thought in my head.  Sure, I scream every time I see a spider but now I don’t run away.  I kill it before I lose sight of it and freak out later.  In the winter months I was catching mice right and left and I eventually just had to deal with it. And now, I’m learning how to deal with my acquaintances.

The lesson with the snakes is reminding me that I don’t have someone else to rely on and I have to buck up and handle the less than desirable things myself.  Even if it means I turn the mower around and squish the snake again for good measure.

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