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30 Days about jess (1)

If I had tried sharing songs that I listened to when I’m happy, sad, hyped or mad a year or two ago 100% of it would have been all country songs.  I still listen to a lot of country music but it has it’s time and place for when I want to listen to it.

Country music was what I was raised on and holds a lot of special memories with my family that I go back to frequently now that my parents are gone.  As I have changed I have seen and felt my musical preferences changing too and I think there’s nothing wrong with that.

HAPPY :: Headbanging and dancing in the truck kind of songs.

SAD :: When I’m sad I like to listen to stuff sort of mellow or that gets me on the path to cheering me up – not necessarily songs that put me in a sad mood but what I tend to listen to when I’m sad.

MAD :: I like to have something with lots of energy to lift my mood.  I typically don’t stay mad too long if I’m listening to music that I headbang to..

HYPED :: I think this is just a continuation of my happy playlist, to be honest.

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