Our New Friend


July 1st a friend posted on Facebook that she had a dog that needed a new home or at least some one to foster her until a new home was found.  I didn’t hesitate and replied I would foster her as long as she and Draco got along.

For about three weeks I had been thinking about fostering rescue dogs but I just hadn’t made a decision whether or not I was ready to open my house and my heart up to a dog friend who will not stay for forever.

The initial dog that needed a place was not the friend who came to my house last night but instead a sweet girl who had been at the police department for a long time past their allowed times for dogs and was going to be put down if she wasn’t picked up.  I said yes to this one just as I had done with the first one that fell through because I was already willing to take in a dog.

I said yes so quickly because first and foremost, this friend was going to die if no one picked her up.  I also said yes because I would have wrestled with this thing for many more weeks before I finally made a decision to reach out to a rescue group.  Consider it a snap decision, but we saved a life.

Draco has been handling this adventure much better than I had anticipated.  He was the major reason why I was unsure whether or not I could foster dogs to begin with because he is my family first and foremost and anything we do needs to involve him in the best way possible.  I wasn’t even sure what I could expect from him since he has been through a lot in the last year and a half.  He lost mom, then I moved out, then dad passed, him and Missy were in a temporary home for a couple of months, and then he was back home in a home that was missing the one human he spent all of his time with.  And then, Missy got sick and I had to put her down.

I don’t think people understand that dogs grieve too, especially when it is a human or dog friend they are used to spending all of their time with, there is a massive shift to get used to.  I have seen Draco go through phases since Missy has been gone.  The first month it was like he expected her come home from a stay at the vet; it had not set in yet.  He spent a lot of time sitting in the front window crying throughout the day.  He didn’t want to eat for a while.  He became clingy to me, even more than he used to be.  I understand it all because it’s grieving and I’ve been through all of it and then some.

Coming back around to the fostering dogs situation, I was apprehensive primarily because I wanted to make sure Draco was safe, healthy, and happy.    On the other side, I thought he might benefit from having a friend, even if it’s temporary, to have around the house.

So far, Draco has been patient but I can see he’s butt hurt that I am letting another dog in the house and giving it attention instead of it all being about him.  But, to be fair, he was a butt hurt dog before anyway so it’s nothing too new.  He has tried bearing his teeth at her a few times for no real reason.  He is not used to have a larger dog around, or a dog that is younger than him so I think some of it is just him being an old man.

We are not even 24 hours into this adventure and I am saddened to see how clingy this dog friend is and striving for one on one attention.  I know basically nothing about her and her life before she came to me so my imagination has run wild – which is a bad thing.  She follows me around the house like I’m going to leave and never come back.  When we’re sitting on the couch together she has to be touching me, even if it’s just a paw.  She has been whimpering in her sleep.

I have so much hope for this sweet girl we’ve decided to name Honey.  She is smart and so sweet I know we will be able to find her a good home.  My part is to give her lots of love and cuddles and unwavering support until we find that home.




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