Drowning Out the Noise

The Foster Dog Diaries

I left the house for the first time leaving both dogs alone on the 3rd.  I kenneled Draco as I always have when I leave the house.  Since we have not gotten a kennel for Honey I had no choice but to leave her roaming the house when I left.  I shut the doors to the bedroom and bathroom and left with the radio turned on like I normally do for Draco.

Honey got in the front window and watched me leave.  She did not bark.

I left first for about an hour and half to see if she would make a mess in the house while I was gone. When I got back she was sitting by the front door waiting for me – the house was just as I left it.

I was gone for three or four hours that night to spend time with family friends and shoot off some fireworks.  I kenneled Draco and shut the doors.  I turned the radio up louder to drown some of the fireworks out that would start soon and left.  When I returned home around 11 that night Honey was laying in the kitchen under the table.

I took the dogs outside for a quick bathroom break before I went back to town to my friends.  I decided to take Honey with me since all of the fireworks would be done within city limits by the time I would get back.  She rode well in the truck and greeted everyone with kisses and attempts for belly rubs.

I got really excited when she finally shit for the first time on my watch.

During the day on the 4th we hung around the house and mostly watched TV and napped.  I gave Honey one of my blankets to lay on  since I don’t have a dog bed for her.  She spent most of day laying on that blanket or laying beside me on the couch.

Draco picked a couple of fights out of no where and tried to attack Honey once.  Honey is extremely submissive and did not growl or bark but backed away from Draco.

I spent a few hours that night huddled on the floor cuddled with Honey as the rest of my neighbors shot off their super big fireworks.  I turned the radio almost as loud as it could go to drown out the majority of the noise.  At one point I sat on the couch and I had both dogs in my lap since the loud noises had both of them scared.

I kenneled Draco at bedtime like I always do and decided to keep my bedroom door open for Honey to decide where she wanted to sleep now that she’s getting more used to things.  She started on top of me in my bed, and then on the floor beside my bed, but I woke up to her on the couch in the living room.

Today was a pretty lazy day again that involved TV watching and hanging out.  Draco attacked Honey again today, this time when I wasn’t in the room.  I decided that this fostering situation may not work out since Draco has started to become aggressive towards Honey.

I messaged my friend who rescued Honey from the shelter and told her what was going on.  We are now searching for a new foster family to take Honey.

I’m kind of sad that this did not work out but at the same time I knew this could happen.  I knew when I said yes to taking Honey in that there was a potential that Draco could get aggressive.

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