Routine Forming

It has now been over a week that Honey has been with Draco and I.  Though my work schedule is kind of all over the place and never the same week to week we have fallen into a routine.

I normally wake up anywhere between 5:30 to 8:30 during the week.  I’ll go to the bathroom and then take the dogs outside for a walk around the property.  Honey is still on a leash since I do not have a fenced in yard for her to roam in.  I have taken her off the leash once and she bolted as soon as she realized she was off the leash.  She never left the property, though two acres gave her plenty to explore in her five minutes unleashed.

After a walk we’ll come back inside, they get treats and then I feed Honey a bowl of dog food since she hasn’t figure out how the feeder works.  If I don’t work, like today, I will eat breakfast and then begin working around the house cleaning.  The first few days Honey would follow me everywhere like a little shadow.  She is now to the point that she follows me to a room but then picks a spot and lays down until I move rooms again.

Draco has not barked, growled, or tried attacking Honey in four days.  We are making progress.  He still bares his teeth from time to time at her but he has not been vocal or acted as aggressive as he had been.  Honey has even tried to play with him and though he didn’t play with her he didn’t snap at her, which I think is a great move in the right direction.

Up until a couple days ago Honey has not barked or growled at anything.  People knocking on the door, weird noises (my washing machine sounds weird), etc.  She did bark finally one morning when we were outside.  The neighbor’s dog was in his fenced in yard across the street and Honey started barking at him.  I was shocked that she even barked because I had gotten used to her being so dang quiet.

In the evening when I get ready to go to bed Honey follows me to my room after I kennel Draco for bed.  She waits until I am in bed and comfortable until she gets on the bed.  Normally she will wait until I tell her it’s okay to join me.  Most nights she will stay in bed for anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.  At the beginning I would wake in the morning to find her sleeping on the couch in the living room, but recently she is laying on the floor of my bedroom under my desk.

This afternoon I was told that we have a potential adopting family that is going to meet Honey.  This makes me excited yet kind of sad.  I am excited we found a potential family so quickly but I will be sad to see this sweet girl.  I am happy that we have been able to give her a second chance at life and that alone is all I need.

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