Adopters Backed Out

As I mentioned in Routine Forming, we had a potential adopting family reach out about Honey.  The plan was to meet this weekend to see if Honey would be a fit with their family.  I was excited that we had found someone interested in making her a part of their family but I was prepared for them to back out – I always prepare for the least likely scenario.

Today Jewels told me that the family had backed out and asked if Draco and Honey were doing better.  I guess it all works out for a reason – Draco and Honey have been getting along much better now.  Draco has even let her share the couch for a few hours the last couple of days.

Although things are working now much better at my house between the two dogs, I am still saddened to have an a potential adopting family back out.  I don’t know what the concerns were or their reasoning but I’m trying to remember how many questions went through my mind when I said yes to taking in a rescue dog.

One thing I am quite happy about is now that Draco and Honey are doing well, Honey has calmed down and her personality is starting to show.  I believe with more time we will see her become more confident and less jumpy.

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