The Trip to the Vet

I loaded Honey up in the truck and we went to pick up Sheila for some back up support.  Off to the vet we go.  It was a packed house, like it normally is.  Initially we decided to go on a short drive because there were so many vehicles there I didn’t think we’d be able to park but it was also raining and I was not about to stand outside to wait.


Surprisingly Honey did extremely well in the packed waiting room.  She sat on the bench between Sheila and I and became friends with the people sitting on either side of us.  She started growling at a small dog sitting next to us, but I think it was because I had already petted the dog and she tried coming back to me and Honey was going on the defensive.  This is really the first time I’ve ever heard her growl.

Once we were called back to the exam room Honey roamed around until the doc came in.  Since I brought Honey in for the first time as a new dog, I told doc when she came in that I wanted her to quickly look her over and make sure everything was alright.  I told her how Honey came to me and doc went to get the chip reader.

Turns out, Honey had been chipped.  They called the police department, where Jewels had picked her up, and they said they didn’t have anything on a dog being picked up.  Next the doc called the chip company and the company tried contacting the owner.  I gave permission to have my information released to the company so the owner can get in contact with me.


Through this call with the chip company, the doc found out that Honey’s real name is Luna and that she is six years old.  The doc had told me when she first came in that she didn’t think Honey was two years old like I told them when we first checked in.  We were all kind of shocked to find out her actual age.

I was given the phone number to the chip company and instructions on transferring ownership if I don’t get any contact from the original owner in 7-10 days.  After 7-10 days the doc said I could then bring Luna back in to get her up to date on shots.  So now, we are just waiting.


Since we were at the vet for much longer than anticipated today since the doc was making phone calls and trying to track down more information I decided a trip to Petco was in order.

Luna is a friendly dog.  We barely made it three aisles before we found people she wanted to meet.  One lady loved Luna so much she even opened the dog chews she was buying for her own dogs to give one to Luna.  It was appreciated but Luna wasn’t digging it and didn’t take it from the lady.

It has been quite the adventure today.  I’m happy to now know Honey’s real name is Luna; it’s just nice to know her real name.  I have the tenth day marked on my calendar to know when I can go back to the vet if no one has contacted me and now we will continue on with our life until then.

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