Preparing for the Feast

35% battery on my phone, my “Never Ending To Do List” notebook with my shopping list, tangled headphones, an empty cart, and The Bobby Bones Show replay podcast was how my Sunday night adventure began.

Typically I am only shopping for one person to eat for a week.  Not for several people for one large meal so I struggled a bit at first with the shopping list.  When I make a shopping list for myself I don’t mind if I stray off of it if I find something that piques my stomach’s interest.  Tonight however, I had a strict list I needed to stay on.

I learned that my store doesn’t carry a box of just plastic knives.  I have an overabundance of plastic forks and spoons, but lacking in the knives.  Looks like we’ll survive with our pocket knives because I’m not going to multiple stores in search of plastic knives.  I also learned that when I actually need a someone to help me locate an item, I can’t find an employee anywhere.

Admittedly, I almost ran over a man in my way to the checkout line.  He came out of nowhere, walked in front of my very full cart and then proceeded to give me the stink eye as if I interrupted his whole day with my cart.

I feel a little better now that I can cross a trip to the store off my list of to dos for this week, but on the flip side I feel like there isn’t enough coffee and wine in the world to get me through the rest of this week – this is just the beginning of it all.

Tonight I am thankful for my momma watching over me.  Though this was my first time shopping for a Thanksgiving meal by myself, I felt as if I had done it before and I know it had to be her guiding me along the way.

Now, if I could only find her recipe for lemon meringue pie.