Hey there, I’m Jess.  In the last two years I’ve experienced and done things that I once used to think I would be far too young for.  Like becoming unsupervised.  I became unsupervised in February 2016 when my momma died from kidney failure.  It wasn’t until January 2017 when I became completely unsupervised after my dad died unexpectedly. I was a person that was extremely dependent on my parents, primarily my momma for daily support, encouragement, and a boot in my butt when I deserved it.

My life changed dramatically when my momma left this earth and I’ve been trying to figure it all out since then.  I have struggled through bouts of depression, severe uncertainty, and loneliness.  But, the greatest news I have learned in this time of becoming unsupervised is the greatness of God extends to me too, even on those days I was depressed, uncertain, and lonely.

The absolute most important thing I come to believe is that I am not capable of knowing what lies ahead of me in my journey of life, or understanding why things have happened the way that they have.  The only one who knows that is God.

I initially began this writing journey to write about my grieving process without my momma by my side.  Now I hope to focus on sharing what I’ve learned, what I struggle with, and how I am yearning to continue to find joy in my life.